How old do you have to be? License Required? Can kids race?

All drivers age 16 and older are required to produce a valid drivers license to arrive and drive.

Non-licensed drivers ages 11-17 are required to attend and pass our Juniors Racing Program.

Non-licensed drivers ages 8-10 are required to attend and pass our Cadet Safety Course. Younger than 18 years must have a guardian present or have our Minor Release Form signed.

Are reservations required?

We accept walk-in customers, but it is HIGHLY recommended to make a reservation in order to guarantee race-time.  If you are planning on just dropping by with a group of people without a reservation, we suggest you call us beforehand for track availability. We will gladly take your reservations by phone.

Are there height/size requirements/limitations?

Height: 4’9-6’5

Size: 280 lbs.

It really depends on your own comfort level. Before registering and signing up to race you are welcome to sit in one of the karts and see how you feel.

What clothing should I wear? Can I bring my own equipment?

You are allowed to race in whatever you choose, as long as you have closed-toed shoes.You may bring your own helmet if it meets the criteria below. You may also bring your own driving suit and neck brace. We provide the helmet, head sock, and neck brace, free of charge. We also offer race-suits, free of charge. You may not bring your own kart.

Street / Track Helmets

DOT/Snell 2000 or better

Full faced

Motocross helmets

Mouth guard must be integrated part of helmet

Clear goggles required

Are your sessions based on time or laps?

Our sessions are based on seat time.  Number of laps are dependent on how fast a driver completes each lap.

Time Attack = 10 minutes Seat Time

Triple Play = 30 minutes Seat Time with 10 minute break

Sprint = 20 minutes Seat Time

Combo = 30 minutes Seat Time

What are your operation hours?

Operating hours depends on the location.

Please refer to location specific contact pages for info:

Fremont, CA

Greenville, SC


What is the maximum capacity of drivers on the track at a time?

We have a maximum of 10 drivers per session.

How fast do your karts go?

These are gas kart that you drive yourself. We cannot control you with an electric switch. This is the real deal! Adult karts up drive up to 35- 40 MPH. Cadet karts 25 MPH.

How long is your track / What is the average lap time?

An average lap around the indoor track is currently 24 seconds.

Do you offer two-seater karts?

No, we only have single-seat karts.